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25 years of living and working in different towns such as Port Douglas, Longreach, Gold Coast, Thursday Island and Bribie Island, brought upon many new experiences. Within the years of all these wild changes we also raised three children which was an experience in its own! In saying that through all of these moves we all built resilience and we found passion in discovering new cultures and environments. Being a family of discovery and adventure, we soon found ourselves on the move again; this time we settled in a town west of the range called Dalby for better career opportunities. Not only was this beneficial for careers, it was an opportunity to expose the youngest of our children to life in a regional town while our two eldest girls “flew the nest” to experience their own career paths. 


After years of being surrounded by water we found ourselves living the “tree change” life. We bought a house on 7 acres with established gardens and lime and a lemon orchard (quite the contrast to our previous lives). We saw the opportunity to have a go at self-sufficient living with vegetable gardens, chickens and, even more-so, bees to assist with pollination of fruit, vegetables and flowering plants. We joined the local beekeeping club and mostly my husband was in charge of tending the hives. This was a new life for us and though enjoyable at times. It was not always easy… 

Our first harvest of honey was, I must admit, a very exhilarating experience . Observing my husband go through the process of manually extracting and filtering this beautiful, natural, raw product coming from our hives was incredible. This product, which was so common on the shelves of everyday Australians and people all over the world, to me was so precious and a valuable commodity worthy of being bottled in quality jars with quality labels instead of plastic. It was to be treated with the utmost respect. This was just the beginning of my journey which after two years has gone from a small hobby to a little business.


I’ve had people ask me HOW and WHY I started making BEESWAX WRAPS.

Approximately two years ago, with our children out of home settled into their respective careers, I was at a bit of a low. Though I loved my lifestyle, something was missing. The move was a lot more difficult this time for various reasons and I wasn’t settling. I needed a challenge. To get my “mojo” back. I remembered the wax being filtered and being cleaned after extracting honey and started to research uses for beeswax. This brought me to Beeswax Wraps. I followed a DIY tutorial and had a go at using the small amount of wax we had cleaned. The process and product matched with my values and skills and I found a connection and a love of design and textiles fostered and nurtured by my mother when I was young girl learning to sew. 

From here I became more intrigued. I began to find such value in buying quality over quantity, using natural, sustainable products, reusing, recycling and not over consuming; thus, reducing waste. I also started reducing usage of plastic bags in my home. My passion grew from there. Not only did I re-connect with my mother’s passion, I also re-connected with my father’s ethics in always persisting and striving to succeed. All these elements brought me to this business…

I engaged the help of local businesses to help design packaging and a logo and before I knew it I was on my way. Not only did I have a very small business, I had reconnected with my passions which in turn has helped my mental health. Many little things lead me down this track.

Now here we are…

I have just launched a website and online shop and I myself have taken over the beekeeping from my husband. From building frames, checking for pests, extracting, filtering, bottling, marketing and selling of our honey. I am not only settling into life again and becoming socially connected but I am content, I am genuinely happy and I am proud of the business that I have created. Running a local, reliable and sustainable business that keeps me happy with a loving husband and family by my side is more than I could ask for. 



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